Monday, March 31, 2014

Training Summary 3/24 - 3/30

Here I am again. We'll see how long I last blogging this time ;)

This weeks plan: Run: 7 tempo, 4 easy, 4 easy, 18 long, 3 recovery. 2 gym classes.

As usual I shuffled things around quite a bit.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4 easy @ 9:28 pace, body sculpt class

(Lululemon black energy bra, baroque blue 105f singlet, 2013 Sea Wheeze speed shorts)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3.8 easy @ 9:08 pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 7.5 easy @ 9:09 pace

(Lululemon bali breeze crb, gray 1/2 zip swiftly, MPG crops)

Sunday: 18.1 long @ 9:37 pace. This was a perfect run...outside, tank top, easy pace. I even got a little tan, which is pretty amazing for March in Michigan.

Totals: 33.4 miles, 1 class

I missed a 3-miler and switched my speedwork to an easy run but life was a little crazy this week. I need to be more diligent with this. This training season is actually flying by though, I can't believe I'm up to 18 miles already!