Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The tailbone's connected to the.....?

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while now. Actually, about a month. But I didn't, thinking that by sticking my head in the blogging sand the problem would go away on it's own.

It didn't.

So here's the story. During the last half of the Detroit marathon on October 19th my hips and thighs really tightened up, causing me to walk/jog the rest of the race. For the two days after I still had pain in these areas, but by the Wednesday after I was pain free.

Fast forward to a week and a half later. We went to a Halloween party on Saturday night. I got pretty lit, but I know I didn't fall. I was wearing white, I would remember this. Anyway the next morning I woke up and could not put ANY weight or pressure on my tailbone. It was killing me! It even hurt to walk. My hips and thighs (and everything else) were pain free. It was just my tailbone.

W. T. F.

If I sit straight up it doesn't hurt, but the minute I lean back (like on a sofa) the pain is right there. And yes, I am still having this pain over a month later. It lessened in intensity after about a week but has maintained since then.

What gives? I googled, which is something you should never do with an now I think I'm dying of cancer. I also read that they can take tailbones out? Huh?

So what do you all think? Do I call the doctor? I really really don't care for rectal exams. And besides, what the hell do I say when I call? My tailbone hurts?



losangelesdaze said...

I would call and say exactly that. Tell them you ran a marathon and everything else you mentioned in your blog. It could get worse if not treated.

Amy said...

Yup, time to call. I'd just tell them that you have a tailbone situation going on.

Jeff & Brooke Storms said...

You are thinking way to deeply! Call the doctor dork. :) As soon as you tell them that you ran a marathon they will realize that you are not a wimp. Don't deal with the pain.