Thursday, May 9, 2013

Training summary 4/28-5/4

This weeks plan:
Run: 5 miles, 5 at marathon pace, 5 miles, and a 20 mile long run.
Gym: 5-8 classes

Sunday: REST DAY. I was supposed to run 12 miles for my long run from the previous week but I skipped it...oops.

Monday: Kickboxing class before work and a team workout for the body challenge at night.

Lululemon Run For Your Life Crops and Pow Pink Swiftly tank

Tuesday: Body sculpt class before work and a 5 mile run at a 9:30 pace in the evening. It was hot and I struggled to keep the pace. I think it's because I'm used to running in the cooler temps and all of a sudden it decided to be summer! I'm not complaining, I just hope that I adjust soon.

Xersion racerback tank, Lululemon Angel Blue Energy Bra and Inkwell Wagon Stripe speed shorts

Wednesday: It was even hotter today. I ran in the shaded park to try to keep cool but it was still hot. I ran for 35 minutes so I'm assuming that was about 3.5 miles.

Lululemon Heathered Flash CRB, Angel Blue Energy bra, and March WAFS speed shorts

Thursday: Body sculpt class before work, and kickboxing class after work.

These were a BIG step out of my comfort zone. I'm happiest in black pants, but Lulu has been coming out with so many fun colored crops that I decided to take a chance. The result... LOVE.
Lululemon Pinkelicious Pace Crops, Pinkelicious Energy bra, and a ribbed Xersion racerback tank

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: Long run day - 20 miles @ 10:03 pace. The run went absolutely perfectly, other than being dehydrated at the end. I set out with 3 gels and had 2 planned water stops at mile 6 and 13. It was 50-65 degrees during the run but 40 oz. of water and 3 gels was nowhere near enough for me. I was very dehydrated when I got home - I weighed myself before the run, had 8 oz. of water before I left, 40 oz. on the run, and 16 oz. when I got home. When I weighed myself after that, I weighed 1 pound less than when I started! I need to drink drink drink on these long runs. I'm going to go buy a handheld to use during the marathon so I can always have water with me.

Oh and 4 miles into my run on a quiet country road, I was passed by a dog. What the....! It was a hunting dog and it must have gotten was bouncing from one side of the road to the other, hunting whatever it could find. In the 3/4 mile that it ran with me it chased out a rabbit and a woodpecker! It was entertaining but I was worried that she was going to follow me through my run and/or get hit by a car, so I stopped and called the number on her collar. I had to sit and wait for about 15 minutes for the owner to come and get her.

Lululemon Run a Marathon crops (pockets FTW!) and Menthol Tame Me Tank

Weekly totals: 28.5 miles (6.5 less than planned) and 5 classes at the gym

I am happy with it, it was a good week with no pain or injuries. (other than losing a toenail, RIP)

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