Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I'm certainly not doing everything right.

I've had shin splints for a while now. Probably since this spring when I got back into regular running. I ice. I elevate. I rest. I repeat. They eventually go away during the run but are always there in the beginning. Nothing curbs them, until recently when I put orthotics into my shoes. The shin splint pain has either lessened, or it pales into comparison to my new injuries.

About three weeks ago my right front lower leg muscle (I always forget what it's called) has been inflamed and giving me grief to the point of cancelling a few runs. I followed the suggestions given to me by the coach at Runners and I think it's getting better. The orthotics seem to help with this as well...the pain is still there but it has been lessened.

Enter September, and my new point of pain: The Left Knee. Not to be outdone by The Left Hip, who is also making her presence known. Last night's 5ish miles turned into two limped laps around the track before I called it quits. My knee feels like it needs to pop, and my hip feels like it's going to snap. Is this my IT band? I researched but didn't find anything that clearly describes what I have going on. The knee pain is in the inside...if you were facing me, it'd be at 10pm on my kneecap clock. :)

I stretch regularly. I ice and do ice baths after my long runs. I take ibuprofen. I only workout 3-4 days per week, so I have plenty of full rest days. I hydrate. I warm up. I cool down. I gradually increase my mileage. I don't run on concrete.

What am I missing??

I'm also wondering if it could be my shoes. They have close to 300 miles on them and I was told they should last for 500, but I honestly have no idea if they still have "life" because I am ALWAYS RUNNING IN PAIN. Perhaps they are the wrong size? I've been told that I overpronate and have high arches. Maybe I should just get a different pair of shoes...?

So frustrating.

I am open to ANY suggestions or hypotheses.

PS: Sorry for the whine ass post. ;)


Karen said...

That really stinks!! My husband is dealing with multiple injuries, too and doesn't know why because he's also been doing everything right as far as increasing mileage, rest, ice, ibuprofen, etc.
With the marathon so close now, this is NOT good!

I wish I had some answers for you but we have none ourselves.

Here's hoping you're able to get to the bottom of it so you can get back on track!

I'll be up in Mt. Pleasant on Friday picking up son#2....if I see someone hobbling around the track with lots of newly purchased running gear, I'll be sure to wave.

Nitmos said...

Once you develop one injury, sometimes you start overcompensating - subtly changing your running motion - which creates other injuries.

No advice other than what you've already laid out...check the shoes for a good fit, stretch, ice, rest, etc. No improvement? See a doc (who works with athletes preferrably) for advice.

Kristina said...

I second Nitmos. If you can find an orthopedist who is a runner (or has worked a lot with them), this is your best bet for multiple injuries.

chris said...

I second Nitmos's response. The slightest gait change to compensate for an injury and result in further injury. Pretty sure the knee problem is not IT band related. You would most definitely feel it on the lateral side of your knee.

Could be the shoes. Might want to get your foot evaluated to make sure your are wearing the proper pair. But the very first thing you should do is go see a sports medicine doc. I know that is the last thing people want to do, but it is the best thing you can do for yourself. Trust me.

Progman2000 said...

Don't go by the arbitrary 500 miles per pair of shoes rule. There are certain brands I can't get more than 200 from before my knees start screaming at me, and I have seen the odd complaint about Mizuno longevity. It could very well be your shoes, perhaps try rotating in a new pair.

Wendy said...

Thank you everyone. I just realized that my orthopedic surgeon neighbor also practices sports medicine. Bonus!

Perhaps I shall bake some cookies and solicit some (hopefully free) advice.

P.O.M. said...

It could definately be your shoes. Have you been fitted by a professional who analyzes your gait and all that? That would be my first step. (Shoes have definately f'd with my running in the past. Nikes mess with my knees, etc.)

If that doesn't help, get to a physical therapist asap. You could possibly just need a few adjustments. They can give you specific excercises and stretches that will help.

Good luck :)

Steve Stenzel said...

Maybe try to work in a LITTLE weight training. That's my 2 cents.

And don't worry about the whine-ass post!


Marcy said...

ITA with what everyone has said already, especially Nitmos and Progman. I only typically get 300 miles out of my kicks. I'd be in a wheel chair if I held out til 500 LOL

jahowie said...

I would go to a good shoe store and have an experienced shop put you in some new shoes. They can watch you move in them, and help you choose what is right for you. I hope that you can get it all figured out. Running in pain isn't any fun at all. It's hard enough as it is. :-)

Laura said...

I'm really bad at knowing when my shoes are done. I think they feel the same all the time, and then when they get old, sometimes I wonder if they actually feel old or if I'm imagining it because I know they're supposed to feel old after about 300 miles? I think I ought to bring my old shoes to a store and try the same model on in a new pair and see what the difference is - maybe that would teach me what to look for.

Good luck with the injuries - I'm getting over a knee injury right now and literally feel your pain!