Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Need For Speed

I have no speed. None nada. Have you seen my speed? Where did it go? Oh, that's right. It was never ever here.

I ran a 5k last night and hoped to run it in a 28-something, to set a PR below my current 28:45ish. Instead I rolled in with a 29:36...nearly my worst 5k time. I'm not exactly sure what went wrong. I was feeling alright and my shins weren't hating me...I'm wondering if the heat just made it harder for me. I hate heat. I prefer fall and spring to this summer blahness. I did come home and do an ice bath in the bathtub...that was wonderful and I think my shins are starting to like me again for it.

So anyway, it sucked. Sucked sucked sucked. It kind of makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing training for a marathon. Can I really do it? I mean I guess I know I CAN, but will I have a Katie Holmesesque time? Can I beat Oprah?

Sorry for the drab post, I'm just swimming in slow-run-induced haterade today.

In other non-running news, my 20 month old sweet baby girl has decided to potty train herself. Bonus!


Marcy said...

Don't sweat it chica! They all can't be PR breakers. Don't worry you'll get there ;-)

The Laminator said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. And stick with the miles...even if they are slow now. You'll be flying in no time.

Maria said...

You'll get there! somedays will be better than other.
Hell, my shins just hurt THINKING about running!

courtneyandlauralalone said...

Hey slow is better than what most of us are doing - which is nothing! You did great - keep up the great work and training!!!!

Karen said...

Jump out of that haterade, girl! You're running more than 20 miles this week...which is awesome in itself no matter WHAT speed you run it!

How'd your 10-miler go today?