Monday, August 25, 2008

A Scenic Little Jog

Yesterday was definitely a jogging day. I wanted to take it easy on my legs so I headed out for a soft-trailed park that I have never been to before. There were miles upon miles of gorgeous trails. Typically I run on the roads through farm country, so needless to say, the park was phenominal. See for yourself!

See that footprint next to my shoe? I was thinking maybe it was from a bear...yikes!

I cut my scheduled 13-miler short and ended up running about 8.8 miles at a 11:48 pace. Slower than usual, but there were hills and bridges to contend with. And pictures to be taken! I didn't want to push the miles and I'm glad I didn't. My legs feel just right today; happy sore, not sore-sore. The orthotics are great and I'm amazed that such a simple thing could make such a big difference.

This coming week has my longest run yet, by far. My husband thinks (in a loving way I'm sure) I am slacking off my schedule (which I am) and that now I won't be able to finish the marathon. Dork. So this week I'll have to stick to the schedule to prove him wrong. :)

This weeks schedule:

Tuesday: 10-20 min warmup; 1 mile (400 RI), 2 miles (800 RI), 2x800 (400 RI), 10 min cooldown
Thursday: 2 miles easy, 3 miles @ tempo pace, 2 miles easy
Saturday: 16 miles PMP +30-45 sec/mile

SIXTEEN?!??! lolz


Marcy said...

That looks like FUN!!! Sweet!

Progman2000 said...

You must be the 3rd blogger I've seen in the last week using FIRST. I thought I was a rebel choosing it to train for the Philly Marathon. Anxious to see how it works for you in Detroit!

Karen said...

Nice trails to run on!

Have you had better luck with your amphipod belt after the maiden voyage? I just tried mine yesterday... wore it right around the middle and LOVED it, but the geek factor was definitely there. Who cares...I'm definitely not going to impress anybody when I'm running through town beet red and sweaty anyway!

Nitmos said...

I see you are running Detroit also. Good luck with the trianing. And stay away from bears. They are PR killers.

Spartan7 said...

I could only hope for trails like that down in GA. Really sweet photos.

Keep up the great work!

jahowie said...

That looks like an awesome place to run!! Nice job on the run.