Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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My playlist desperately needs a revamping. I find myself shuffling through at least 5 songs to find just 1 good one. I'm tired of the same ole crap.

So watcha got? If everyone could leave a few (3, 5, 27?) of their favorite running songs in the comments section, that would be stellar.

Have a happy Tuesday!


Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

As for running songs... ooh boy I could post so many. Lately I like Rascal Flatts, and have found that I can just set my iPod to "artist" and there are only like one or two songs that I want to skip over - they pretty much all have a great beat and lyrics. "Stand" is a good one to start with if you don't know Rascal Flatts; the lyrics go, "when push comes to shove/you'll taste what you're made of/you might bend till you break/but it's all you can take/on your knees you look up/decide you've had enough/you get mad, you get strong/wipe your hands, shake it off/then you stand." REALLY a great power song to make you keep going :)

For a non-country power song, I love Heather Smalls' "Proud". Lyrics: "I step out of the ordinary/I can feel my soul ascending/I'm on my way/Can't stop me now/And you can do the same/What have you done today to make you feel proud?" It's especially great in the early morning when I can feel a sense of superiority because half my friends are sleeping while I'm getting a good run in :)

I have a few posts on my blog with more song suggestions, but I'd say those are two of my absolute favorites. Hope that helps!

Nitmos said...

I'll be at the Detroit Marathon myself. Looking forward to it!

I'm do a version of the FIRST plan and love it as I don't have 5-6 days to devote to running every week ike the other plans require.

As for songs, I'm currently rocking plenty of old school Social Distortion. If you like rock-punk (more rock than punk), check them out. "When She Begins" and "Story of My Life" are classic run songs for me.

Good luck with the training.

Kristina said...

This is your lucky day! Strange coincidence---I just posted a list of my top speedwork songs to my blog. You can thank me later ;)

Jenn said...

Jimmy Eat World has been working for me laterly . . or Spock's Beard "The Devil Caught My Throat"

aham23 said...

the ting tings = shut up and let me go.

kanye = jesus walks

flobots = handlebars and combat

you are welcome. :)