Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Training Paces

I've been doing track workouts for a few weeks now but I haven't really had a goal range to try to stay in for my 400s and 800s. I just found a pace calculator
here and based on my PR 5k time of 28:45, it suggests:

Going off my previous runs (both long and track) those figures seem a little slow. So I played with it a little, and my numbers are more in line with this chart, based on a 25:45 5k.

I'm not sure what this means. Am I training too hard right now? Or am I running my 5k's too slow? Anyway I'm going to follow the chart for the 25:45 pace. My ultimate goal is to be able to run a sub 25 minute 5k, so maybe this will help.

Here are last nights 400 times, with a 2 minute recovery jog between each:

1 - 1:49
2 - 1:50
3 - 1:50
4 - 1:49
5 - 1:53
6 - 1:53
7 - 1:48
8 - 1:50

I'm consistent, that's for sure. The 7th one felt very slow so I was surprised to see my lowest split there. My total workout last night was 6 miles in 57:30, even with my jog/walk recoveries. That's a 9:35 pace overall! Splendid.


Tony said...

I really what it is you ACTUALLY do at work?

jahowie said...

That is a very nice workout. You had to be tired after that one. I'm still trying to go sub 25 in a race. I have hit sub 25 once in training, but never in a race.....yet. ;-) Keep up the good work.

Viper said...

Nice intervals! You look like you're on your way to a sub-25 5K.