Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Terrific Tuesday at The Track

I always was a sucker for some good alliteration.

Tonight was track night and I must admit that my scheduled schedule (hehe) was a bit intimidating.

10-20 minute warmup
1 mile (400m RI)
2 miles (800m RI)
2 x 800 (400m RI)
10 min cooldown

See what I mean? That's like 7 miles on what I like to think of as my fun run night. So I set out for the track and quickly realized that this is my first track session with the students back on campus. Parking was a challenge, but I welcomed the company at the track. (read: I run faster in front of peeps) My leg muscles started cursing at me about a mile into my warm up, so I took them off the track and gave them a good little lecture. They never mouthed off to me again after that. I'm the boss, you hear me, legs???

Anyway my goal pace for the 1 & 2 mile intervals was 9:15/mile, but ideally 9:00/mile would be super sweet.

Here is how I did:

Warmup: 1.53 miles in 15:20 (10:01 pace)
1 mile: 1.07 miles in 9:02 (8:29 pace)
RI: 0.25 miles in 2:36 (10:15 pace)
2 miles: 2.15 miles in 17:37 (8:12 pace)
RI: 0.28 miles in 3:10 (11:31 pace)
800: 0.54 miles in 4:12 (7:47 pace)
RI: 0.32 miles in 3:25 (10:37 pace)
800: 0.53 miles in 4:04 (7:38 pace)
Cooldown: 0.33 miles in 3:32 (10:45 pace) - not long enough but it was dark out by this point.

Total: 7:01 miles in 1:03:06 - 9:01 pace!!!

So yeahhhhhh, these times are wicked good, if I do say so myself! I had no idea that I would be able to maintain a sub 9-minute pace for that long! I am anxious to run a 5k again. I really didn't even need that RI between the 1 and 2 miles. Those splits combined (sans RI) are 3.22 miles in 26:38! That is more than 2 whole minutes off my best 5k time! 3.1 at that pace would be like a 25:38! Hoorah!

So now that I have probably jinxed myself, I'm off to bed. :)


Marcy said...

Lookin real good ;D ;D

Progman2000 said...

YES! That's what I'm talking about - I love those workouts, though the one you just did is probably the ugliest of the Furman track workouts. Good job, I've got 5 more weeks until I hit that nasty one.